CM015 | Bad Boyz Of Breakz – Take Me Away

CM015 | Bad Boyz Of Breakz – Take Me Away

Label: Cognitive Music

Release date: 11-23-15

Catalog number: CM015

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Take Me Away (Original Breaks Mix)
KJ of K5, DJ Chronic, Bad Boyz Of Breakz

With their first collaborative release on Cognitive Music, Bad Boyz Of Breakz members KJ of K5 and DJ Chronic bring some fire with Take Me Away, a very energetic, funky, old school feeling track with complextro elements that blends vocals and pianos into the vibe.

The track begins with a funky, hard break and chopped up vocals, setting the energy level high from the start. As it winds toward the first break, an aggressive electro bass is introduced, bringing some grit with it. As the beat drops out, a soft melody and vocal samples build to a frenzy, leading to the drop. A solid complextro line is interspersed with the main vocal sample, weaving in and out while building to the main break. Here, an old school piano line comes in, bringing with it a hands in the air feeling. Travelling between both vibes with ease, this is an amazing track from start to finish.


Bad Boyz Of Breakz – Take Me Away (Original Breaks Mix) “Out now on Beatport”