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CM011 | Colombo – Brightness (The Remixes)

CM011 | Colombo – Brightness (The Remixes)

Label: Cognitive Music

Release date: 04-28-15

Catalog number: CM011

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Brightness (DJ D-Xtreme Remix)
Colombo, DJ D-Xtreme
Brightness (Seth Vogt Remix)
Colombo, Seth Vogt
Brightness (Dave Gluskin Remix)
Colombo, Dave Gluskin
Brightness (Devine Noise Remix)
Colombo, Devine Noise
(Rob-E & Security 808 Remix)
Colombo, DJ Rob-E, DJ Security

11th release on Cognitive Music with remixes by DJ D-Xtreme, Seth Vogt, Dave Gluskin, Devine Noise and Rob-E & Security.