CM001 | Dave Gluskin – Circle

CM001 | Dave Gluskin – Circle

Label: Cognitive Music

Release date: 07-15-14

Catalog number: CM001

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Circle (Original Mix)
Dave Gluskin
Circle (Colombo Remix)
Dave Gluskin, Colombo
Circle (DJ D-Xtreme Remix)
Dave Gluskin, DJ D-Xtreme
Circle (Stylus Remix)
Dave Gluskin, Stylus
Circle (DJ Rob-E Remix)
Dave Gluskin, DJ Rob-E

Cognitive Music is proud to bring you our first release, Dave Gluskin – Circle. Out now exclusively on Beatport!

Includes original mix & remixes by Colombo, DJ D-Xtreme, Stylus & DJ Rob-E.

With support from Retroid, Far Too Loud, Lee Coombs, Dustin Hulton, Anton Veter, Chris Voro, Trukers, Se7en Deadly Breaks, Under This, Destroyers, Kid Panel, Rasco, Macho, Miss Mants, Chevy One, Billy Onions, Ptinium, Fastbinder, Jayson Butera and many more!