CM016 | David Salgado – A Thousand Words “Out now on Beatport”

CM016 | David Salgado – A Thousand Words “Out now on Beatport”


Making his debut on Cognitive Music, David Salgado brings an energetic, vocal progressive breaks gem to the label with A Thousand Words. The track starts with a strong breakbeat and filtered pad, which is quickly met with a dirty, edgy bass line, building the energy right from the start. A chopped and effected vocal is introduced, weaving in and out as the supporting elements grow in size and depth. Breaking down to just the vocals and the pads before bringing the beat back with a more complex bass line, again dancing around the chopped vocals. Synth flourishes are introduced as the song leads to the final break, a female vocal, singing ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. Strong in both melody and groove with a ton of energy, this song is fantastic and a must have.



7 December 2015 News Releases

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