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CM012 | Bad Boyz Of Breakz – Don’t Stop The Rock “Out now on Beatport″

With their first collaborative release on Cognitive Music, Bad Boyz Of Breakz, KJ of K5 and DJ Rob-E, come swinging hard with a licensed cover of the 80’s Freestyle classic Don’t Stop The Rock, delivering a fresh update to the track while maintaining the electro elements of the original.

The track starts out with a breakbeat that is very quickly met with the familiar melody and chopped up high pitched “Don’t Stop’ vocoded vocal snippets. A floor shaking 808 bassline comes in with bits of the recreated original vocoded vocal being introduced as the energy grows. By the time the verse takes over, a nasty snarling bass fills things out with the original melody as it builds to the first big break. With the drums stripped away, the vocal and a big riser continue to add intensity, building to a huge, driving complextro line. The track continues to smoothly work between the vocals and the complextro elements to its completion, weaving between both while leading listeners and breakers on an amazing journey.

Sure to appeal to the masses, this updated version of the classic is not to be missed!



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CM011 | Colombo – Brightness (The Remixes) “Out now on Beatport”

Cognitive Music is back with a remix EP full of amazingly diverse breakbeat talent, as Colombo’s “Brightness” gets the treatment from DJ D-Xtreme, Seth Vogt, Dave Gluskin, Devine Noise and Rob-E & Security.

The EP gets started off right by Cognitive’s own DJ D-Xtreme, who brings his style of deep and funky breakbeats to the track with great result. This remix begins with a driving beat, as the bass and synth lines slowly are added to the mix, finally accented with beautiful piano flourishes as we head into the big break. Piano and synths play off each other as the energy lifts toward the reintroduction of the beat, building toward an amazing climax.

Up next, making his Cognitive debut, Seth Vogt comes in with an energetic, electro driven version that drives from start the finish. Building on beautiful electro melodies and a strong bassline, this remix never sits still. Moving from complextro to electro, changing feel with the greatest of ease while keeping the energy high, this remix is made for the dancefloor.

Dave Gluskin is back with a funky, driven progressive breaks version, adding more vocals in addition to a 303-style filtered arp. The track builds energy into the breakdown, which introduces an old school style piano line and breakbeat as it heads toward the big drop, with chopped vocals leading the charge to the feel good finale.

Next up is Devine Noise who right out of the gate hits the listener with a very old school feeling beat, bringing elements of the original in but taking it off course very quickly. Thick electro walls of sound build over the beat, becoming bigger with each pass. As the remix progresses, pianos find their way in over the array of textures, ending with a huge payoff.

Finally, the duo of Rob-E & Security round out the package with their 808 Mix, a driven Florida breakbeat that is sure to please those who love the bass. Starting with a funky breakbeat, the track introduces elements of the original, interjecting bits of complextro while banging an 808 bassline and arp. The remix brings a ton of energy and is sure to please any lovers of breakbeat, especially the breakers.


CM011 | Colombo – Brightness (The Remixes) “Out now on Beatport”

Colombo – Brightness (DJ D-Xtreme Remix) “Out now on Beatport”

Colombo – Brightness (Seth Vogt Remix) “Out now on Beatport”

Colombo – Brightness (Dave Gluskin Remix) “Out now on Beatport”

Colombo – Brightness (Devine Noise Remix) “Out now on Beatport”

Colombo – Brightness (Rob-E & Security 808 Remix) “Out now on Beatport”

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CM010 | DJ D-Xtreme & Devine Noise – Come On Music “Out now on Beatport”

Come On Music, the first collaboration between Cognitive artists DJ D-Xtreme and Devine Noise, is the Tenth release on Cognitive Music, and these two have delivered an amazing track. The song is a dark, heavy breakbeat journey that has elements of both progressive and electro, a perfect collaboration between these two artists. The track starts out building a fat, distorted, kick driven breakbeat with several percussive elements while adding beautiful arpeggiated rhythms as we head into the first break. The melodic side takes over and calms the mood for a moment as we build back into the beat. A very strong bass line pushes the dark nature of the track as rhythmic synths and an ever present distorted vocal keeps the song moving toward the big break. As the beat drops, rhythmic chords and a myriad of pads and effects help build the energy back to a bass heavy break while the melodies and effects reveal themselves. This track will fit into any breakbeat DJ’s crate, appealing to fans of all tastes.

On remix duty, Bass Ballers come out of the gate with an 808 driven version that keeps the dark feel of the original while bringing a funkier side to the track. Boom is the name of the game as this remix comes hard from the first beat, hitting the lower frequencies while bring the melodic content of the original. As their remix builds toward the big break, a sub boom bass line and driving melodic elements really make the remix bounce. The break brings things way down with a gated pad and keys as the energy builds into a huge bass line driven beat, bringing the earlier elements together into a killer finish. This remix is build to destroy subs and dance floors alike.

CM010 | DJ D-Xtreme & Devine Noise – Come On Music “Out now on Beatport”

DJ D-Xtreme & Devine Noise – Come On Music (Original Mix) “Out now on Beatport”

DJ D-Xtreme & Devine Noise – Come On Music (Bass Ballers Remix) “Out now on Beatport”

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CM009 | Colombo – Brightness “Out now on Beatport”

Brightness, a new production from Spanish producer Colombo, is the latest release on Cognitive Music and it’s a massive nu-skool breaks track. It all starts with a bouncey breakbeat as a filtered, disco-esque guitar line cranks up the funkiness. The filtered guitar heads to a break and into the track’s first drop, which comes storming at us with a huge complextro line. Vocal snippets, 8-bit sounds, and a catchy driving arp lead us to the song’s big breakdown. Here, the arp takes over, added to some piercing stabs and deep swelling bassline, the song builds and builds until the drop, bring all the elements back together to blow the roof off. An amazing track start to finish, full of energy and guaranteed to appeal to breakbeat fans of all tastes.

Support from Anton Veter, Aquasky, Billy Onions, Chris Voro, Dave Gluskin, DJ D-Xtreme, Ed Solo, Fastbinder, Funkin Family Music, Jayson Butera, Jdub, Joachim Garraud, Kid Panel, KL2, Lady Waks, Llupa, MartOpetEr, Miss Mants, Monomotion, Ptinium, Rasco, Retroid, Rex Dasteppa, Se7en Deadly Breaks, Trukers, Under This, Wavewhore & more.

CM009 | Colombo – Brightness “Out now on Beatport”

Colombo – Brightness (Original Mix) “Out now on Beatport”

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