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Cognitive Music Breaks Episode 04 – Efocus “Out Now / Free Download”


TRACKLIST – Cognitive Music Breaks Episode 04 – Efocus

01. Smokefade – Prayer (Original Mix) [Ondamike Productions]
02. Crisibeat – Legend (Original Mix) [Bunker Records]
03. Sam Groove – Grief (Breaks Mix) [Homerun Gouse]
04. Hankook,MURIX – Step Up (Original Mix) [83]
05. Iamphantvm – Turn Me On (Original Mix) [Illeven Eleven]
06. YERA-M – Yes, Go! (Original Mix) [Spektra Recordings]
07. Ivory, BreaksMafia – Hit The Ground (feat.Ivory) [Selecta Break Records]
08. Yo Speed, Mutantbreakz, SevenG – About To Get Down [Funktasty Crew Records]
09. Sound Beach, Destilux – Fuck My Mind (Original Mix) [Stars & Knights Records]
10. Eztereo – No Matter (Original Mix) [Distorsion Records]
11. Basstyler – Give A Fuck (Original Mix) [Elektroshock Records]
12. Alex Wicked – Voltage (Original Mix) [Spektra Recordings]
13. lro, A-Sekond – Lost Sound (Original Mix) [Kiosek Records]
14. Shade k – MagicGoku (Original Mix) [Elektroshok Records]
15. 7 Electronics – Holding On (Original Mix) [Digital Global Records]
16. Plump DJs – Fear the Funk (Original Mix) [Punks]

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CM018 | Dave Gluskin – Close To Me “Out now on Beatport”

The 18th release for Cognitive Music sees Dave Gluskin return with his first solo single since Circle. ‘Close To Me’ is a vocal driven, melodic breakbeat track with energy to spare. The track starts with some rhythmic ambience, leading to the introduction of a strong breakbeat. An old school feeling bassline comes in with a myriad of chopped vocals, as layers of arps and chopped vocals set the stage for the introduction of the main vocals. She starts with “close to me”, repeating several times before the main verse comes in, a catchy, moody vocal that builds as it progresses. Once she finishes the verse, the energy is ratcheted up with a 303 and huge bassline. The main break brings the vocal back while filtered arps fill weave in and out in the background. A subtle riser builds under vocals, bringing everything in for the final drop, a massive auditory blast combining all the major elements to produce a big, hands in the air moment. An amazing journey, this song is a must have for breakbeat DJ’s everywhere.


Dave Gluskin – Close To Me (Original Mix) “Out now on Beatport”

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CM017 | David Salgado & Beni Hill – Confusion & Chaos “Out now on Beatport”

The 17th release on Cognitive Music brings you a progressive breaks banger full of melodies and grit from David Salgado & Beni Hill, two hot artists from Orlando, FL. The track begins with a solid breakbeat and sweeping bass as the energy begins to build. “Let the party begin” rings in as the bassline starts to fill out with some complextro elements while the melody comes in and builds to the first break. As the low end takes on a harder edge while heading towards the reintroduction of the beat, the energy in the song continues to build. The melody is seamlessly shifted around as the track continues to evolve while the bassline brings an edge to the overall tone of the track. An amazing progressive breakbeat track that will appeal to breaks fans of all types.


David Salgado & Beni Hill – Confusion & Chaos (Original Mix) “Out now on Beatport”

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CM016 | David Salgado – A Thousand Words “Out now on Beatport”


Making his debut on Cognitive Music, David Salgado brings an energetic, vocal progressive breaks gem to the label with A Thousand Words. The track starts with a strong breakbeat and filtered pad, which is quickly met with a dirty, edgy bass line, building the energy right from the start. A chopped and effected vocal is introduced, weaving in and out as the supporting elements grow in size and depth. Breaking down to just the vocals and the pads before bringing the beat back with a more complex bass line, again dancing around the chopped vocals. Synth flourishes are introduced as the song leads to the final break, a female vocal, singing ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. Strong in both melody and groove with a ton of energy, this song is fantastic and a must have.

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