For anyone who has been in the Electronic Music Scene in the South Eastern portion of the United States, the name Stylus is known as legendary. Many nights, events and venues Stylus has lead listeners on a journey of epic sound. From his selection of wicked intelligent breaks, drivin’ progressive house, and extended seamless mixes, Stylus has inspired many who have been standing with ears perked up and a grin on their face, waiting for the next track to drop into place. The journey begins in 1991, when Stylus was a resident at The Beacham Theater (Orlando FL.) for its’ Friday night event dubbed WWIII. Unfortunately the Beacham Theater was nearing the end of its’ reign as the premiere night club in Orlando, due to the owner having a child with severe health problems, combined with the stress of club management, the owner elected to close the doors after many years of success. That brief stint was all Stylus needed to make his mark, and connect with individuals that would later give him his next residency at Orlando’s legendary ABYSS. Paired up with fellow resident DJ D-Xtreme, the Duo took the Orlando Club scene to an entirely new level. The unstoppable wave of positive vibe, fueled by cutting edge music and intense flowing mixes is something that is discussed by club goers to this day. The ABYSS was notorious for holding incredible events, where Stylus and D-Xtreme would host many guest DJs from across Florida. Some of these events lasted over 48 hours, and caught the attention of city officials.

And as all good things come to an end, the ABYSS was forced to close its doors, in an attempt to make a dent in Orlando’s massive dance music scene. That dent, was but a mere scratch of what was to come. Stylus continued to give the masses what they came for. As loyal followers would travel across the southeast to catch a set at one of many clubs, or events. Some of these clubs were residencies and others were frequent guest spots. The list is long, but some of the most recognizable names are, The Edge, Club @ Firestone, Limelight (NY), Marz, Icon, Renaissance, Cloud Nine, The Coliseum, Masquerade, Paragon, Warsaw, The Louve, Santuary, Dimensions, Outer Limits, Aurora, Club 2000, Velvet, Impact, 600 North, Club Electra, Mimosa, and Area 51, to name only a few.

The list of events/music festivals is nearly endless, stretching from Miami FL to Calgary Alberta, Canada. Events such as Zen I – VI, Cozmos I,II,III, Usuaya, Passion I,II,III, Energy I,II,III, Endo-Meka, Labyrinth, Unity I,II, Hyperspace I,II, Séance I,II, D-lusion, Epic, Glide, Quench, Fusion, Elevation I,II,III, Electrolyte, and the ever famous Future Sound of Breaks and Ultra music festival. These events drew crowds from 5,000 to over 25,000 in attendance, and hosted artists such as Prodigy, Moby, Hybrid, Rabbit in the Moon, Quivver, Deep Sky, Union Jack, Underworld, Cosmic Baby, Blue Amazon, Way out West, Crystal Method, Cirrus, BT, Electric Skychurch, Uberzone, Dubtribe, Cotton Club, Rhythm Section, Mix Factory, Spiritual Being, Dynamix II, Jackal and Hyde, Young American Primitive, as well as Global DJs Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, Sasha, John Digweed, Paul Oakenfold, Peter Tong, Sandra Collins, Timo Maas, Dave Seaman, Josh Wink, DJ Icey, Keoki, Nick Warren, Adam Freeland, Rennie Pilgrem, Christopher Lawrence, and countless others. Stylus has re-engaged himself, back in the studio to pick up where he left off, and give those loyal fans more of what they long for, that ever evolving style and cutting edge sound.






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Resident in:Orlando, Florida