PRODUKDo is a multi-genre Dj specializing in Breakbeat and Bass music , residing in Louisville, KY. He began his journey as a DJ in January of 2003. Quickly grasping the fundamentals and techniques of mixing records, he broke into the Louisville EDM scene. Holding several residencies at after hour spots and playing regionally he soon made his mark among the finest DJ’s the midwest has to offer. He has stayed true to his original beliefs of being professional and providing fans with non stop energy and passion, all through the power of music. As a Dj first and now breaking through on the production aspect with remixes , edits , and original works, PRODUKDo is truly coming into his own. To describe a set from PRODUKDo is like an auditory journey through the mind, mixing multiple genres with technical precision to tell the story and guide you along. So all you beat freaks, speaker tweakers, and bass heads, prepare to be blown away.

Anti Clique / Asylum / V.I.M. Records / SW Records / Cognitive Music





The artist

Nationality: USA

Resident in:Louisville, Ky.