Born Elias White on April 20th, 1975 to a mother with an amazingly eclectic musical taste. It didn’t take him long to follow suit. His childhood was filled with musical adventures from every genre. With a childhood dream to one day be a part of the music culture he loved so much he sought vehicles to express his inner sound. He tried singing and playing instruments to no avail. He formed countless groups and was always the brain behind the production and talent scouting, his inexperience was never perceived as an obstacle, but was a reality. As life moved forward music fell behind. In 2010, Elias moved to New Orleans Louisiana where music is a way of life, here he was introduced to music culture that awoken a dormant passion. Teaming up with Good Vibe Nation’s N2ishion, Jrok, Dmoney, and DJ Dr. Souss, he quickly learned how he could express his inner sound, he relentlessly studied the art of DJing. Attending hundreds of shows meeting and befriending hundreds of DJs and Producers learning how to develop his sound and make it his own. In 2015, he moved to Orlando Florida, the breakbeat state. This is where everything came together, he joined Gremlin Radio and broadcasts his 2-hr radio show every Tuesday 9-11pm EST. He furthered his reach by teaming up with DJ D-Xtreme’s Cognitive Music who realized his passion and potential, the rest will be history. Enjoy!!




Phone:(504) 617-5687


The artist

Nationality:West Indian

Resident in:Orlando, FL