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The wonder that is now known as DJ Versastyle started his love of music early, growing up listening to classic Rock, R & B and Soul with prolific artists such as Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire & The Gap Band, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. Born and raised in sunny Brevard County, Florida, Versastyle started Djing at the age of 15, back in the 80’s, playing Hip Hop, Miami Bass & Freestyle at local house parties and school dances. Under the solid mentorship of Palm Bay & Cocoa’s own DJ Rob D & DJ Double Deuce, Versastyle had a solid foundation when he first discovered Underground House Music in the early 90’s when Florida’s Underground boom hit. He was an avid club-goer of all the top venues back in the day, like AAHZ, Firestone, Mars & Brassy’s. Back then, Versastyle oftentimes felt like his unique style of scratching and hard bass sounds held him back in a world of Piano House & Ambient Trance. But his hard core attitude and determination pushed him through and soon he was a Resident at nearly every well-known nightclub venue on the Space Coast and throughout Florida, including Harmony in Palm Bay, Outer Limits / Impact and also the Storm Club/New York South in Cocoa Beach. “The Bomb” in Tampa led to him being discovered by the Fever Crew and invited to spin in the Miami scene and at renowned venues like Glam Slam, Prince’s old club and Salvation Night Club Miami Beach In all, he’s played countless booming sets all over the state from Tampa to Daytona and Ft. Lauderdale to Miami and also had the opportunity to throw down at huge events in Florida like Zen, Cosmos, Candy Land, Earth Vibe 1995, Cosmic Playground, the Bass Core Raves in Miami and even Ultra Music Festival in 2002.
Versastyle describes himself as a slightly shy but confident and eager to please individual with huge dreams of leaving a legacy for his kids to carry on. “When playing for a crowd, I never spin the same set. Never. I start slow and then build. I want people to feel like they were on a journey with me.” He sees more music production in his future, Nowadays he spins mostly Breaks, Drum & Bass, along with Tech and Deep House but when asked by people what genre(s) he plays he’ll tell you that his DJ name speaks for itself.






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Resident in:Melbourne, FL