Dave Gluskin

Dave Gluskin


Long time DJ and up and coming producer of deep, melodic, intelligent, energetic progressive breakbeat and house, Dave Gluskin has taken his love and passion for this style of music developed over the last 20 years and put his classical training to use in the studio, creating tracks that blend both old school sounds and soul with modern textures, typically over driving, thick breakbeats.

Trained in both viola and voice, he was first introduced to electronic dance music in the early 90’s and instantly became immersed in the culture frequenting Firestone, Marz, The Edge, Cloud 9, and attending many of the largest, most legendary festivals in Florida, including the first Cosmos, first Hyperspace, first Zen, and first Ultra festivals. Almost immediately starting to buy records after his first night out, he spent a lot of time developing his DJ skills and had quite a few bookings under the name Mation, usually one off nights, whilst co-founding Katalyst Records, an online record store and promotions company. A true lover of music with a massive record collection that spans every genre from progressive and melodic breaks to progressive house to drum and bass to deep and tech house and all points in between, his tastes really have no boundaries. His mixing skills have landed him bookings all over Florida from Winter Music Conference in South Beach to Panama City Beach as well New York, Atlanta, and of course Orlando and the Space Coast.

Discography (2012 – pres):
Renegade Alien – Reactivate (Dave Gluskin remix)
Dave Gluskin – Splash
Dave Gluskin – Warped Chi
Renegade Alien – Sex Panther (Dave Gluskin remix)
Dave Gluskin – Ambient Space
Dave Gluskin – Etheria
Versa-Style – A.I. (Dave Gluskin & Brian J remix)
Jennifer Marley – Jacked In (Dave Gluskin remix)
Dave Gluskin – Feel This
A-Mase – Escaper (Dave Gluskin remix)
DJ Debbie D – We Jam (Dave Gluskin’s Florideep remix)
Jennifer Marley – Girls Like It Hard (Dave Gluskin remix)
Nissim Gavriel – Hattori Hanzo (Dave Gluskin remix)
Nicolas Neyret – New Sound of Siria (Dave Gluskin remix)
Rick Tedesco – Delta (Dave Gluskin remix)
*Dave Gluskin – Circle – June 2014
*Cullen – Ride the Sunset Wave (Dave Gluskin remix) – Release date TBD

* = forthcoming






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