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CM014 | DJ Rob-E & Dave Gluskin – Afflicted “Out now on Beatport”

Afflicted, the 14th release on Cognitive Music, is the first collaboration track between DJ Rob-E and Dave Gluskin. The song masterfully incorporates both artists styles, delivering a pumped up, driving, melodic breakbeat track that is sure to fill dance floors.

The track begins with a strong beat as chopped up vocals weave through piano chords. After a short break, a booming sub bass joins a driving, grinding mid bass to fill out the bottom end while the beat becomes more complex and funky. A 303 and other melodic elements give the song a progressive feel and build the track’s energy at a smooth pace into the big break, where the full vocal is introduced. Augmented by a solid piano riff, the powerful gated vocal drops out as the final build into the drop takes over, leading into a big, hands in the air moment, when the vocal and piano join the synths and full drums. This one is not to be missed.


CM014 | DJ Rob-E & Dave Gluskin – Afflicted “Out now on Beatport”

DJ Rob-E & Dave Gluskin – Afflicted (Original Mix) “Out now on Beatport”

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FFM001 | DJ D-Xtreme – Give Me All “Out now on Beatport”

Florida based record label “Funky Flavor Music” is set to hit the dance music empire with their first release, featuring a progressive, atmospheric break with hard hitting bass lines and nature driven undertones titled “Give Me All” original by DJ D-Xtreme. The original mix is accompanied by four, dance inducing, boom inspired remixes.

Keeping with the progressive, intelligent tone, adding brightness and high hitting bass rolls resulting in nothing but the best from Seth Vogt as he does justice to the original while maintaining his own distinct sound, including an array of vocals and classic florida build ups.

Next up to bat, the Florida Flavored Breaks duo that has busted the scene apart, worldwide aka the Phat Kidz. Nasty bass drops with dark following highs back into the progressive quad sound you might hear at a Miami late night rave. This track isnt one for the weak hearted, this is serious breakbeat and is recieved as such.

Next to deliver, Molecule takes you on nothing short of a bass journey with what can be described as simply “intelligent trap”. Most amazing this remix is taking on a completely different sound, while at the same time executing the art of remixing in an almost perfect fashion. This remix is truly the future of bass, and breakbeat rhythms. Bringing up the bassfrom the depths of Miami, this is the down right dirty sound of 808 delivery.

Rogue Planet holds nothing back and goes hard for the cause, bringing you to the edge of the beat, and knocking you the FUNK out. Funky Flavor Music is no holds barred, coming out swinging, taking quality Breaks, and delivering them to the world!!!!


FFM001 | DJ D-Xtreme – Give Me All “Out now on Beatport”

DJ D-Xtreme – Give Me All (Original Mix) “Out now on Beatport”

DJ D-Xtreme – Give Me All (Seth Vogt) “Out now on Beatport”

DJ D-Xtreme – Give Me All (Phat Kidz Remix) “Out now on Beatport”

DJ D-Xtreme – Give Me All (Molecule Creamix) “Out now on Beatport”

DJ D-Xtreme – Give Me All (Rogue Planet Remix) “Out now on Beatport”

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