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CM009 | Colombo – Brightness “Out now on Beatport”

Brightness, a new production from Spanish producer Colombo, is the latest release on Cognitive Music and it’s a massive nu-skool breaks track. It all starts with a bouncey breakbeat as a filtered, disco-esque guitar line cranks up the funkiness. The filtered guitar heads to a break and into the track’s first drop, which comes storming at us with a huge complextro line. Vocal snippets, 8-bit sounds, and a catchy driving arp lead us to the song’s big breakdown. Here, the arp takes over, added to some piercing stabs and deep swelling bassline, the song builds and builds until the drop, bring all the elements back together to blow the roof off. An amazing track start to finish, full of energy and guaranteed to appeal to breakbeat fans of all tastes.

Support from Anton Veter, Aquasky, Billy Onions, Chris Voro, Dave Gluskin, DJ D-Xtreme, Ed Solo, Fastbinder, Funkin Family Music, Jayson Butera, Jdub, Joachim Garraud, Kid Panel, KL2, Lady Waks, Llupa, MartOpetEr, Miss Mants, Monomotion, Ptinium, Rasco, Retroid, Rex Dasteppa, Se7en Deadly Breaks, Trukers, Under This, Wavewhore & more.

CM009 | Colombo – Brightness “Out now on Beatport”

Colombo – Brightness (Original Mix) “Out now on Beatport”

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CM008 | Sanxia – Sky High EP “Out now on Beatport”

The Sky High EP is the first release by Hungarian producer Sanxia to appear on Cognitive Music. The EP is a 4-track trip, showcasing his talents and unique style of electro house. His diversity on full display, this EP features big room, complextro, and electro house sounds brought together.

The EP comes storming out of the gate with Beast, a big room influenced electro house track with haunting melodies and strong builds and drops. The song starts out with a huge build into the track’s main electro melody, complete with expertly programmed arpeggios supporting the beautiful lead. The next build leads to a big room section sure to get the crowd bumping. The track alternates between each section, building a little bigger each time. A huge track not to be missed.

Endgame, the second track, puts Sanxia’s complextro skills on display, starting with a massive build filled with stabby chords woven into several risers, building to an energetic, frenzied complextro line that takes the song into the stratosphere. After another break and build, things take a turn and change up into a dubstep beat, transforming the song’s complextro line with it to close out the track.

Next up is Fire, an amazing track best described as progressive electro. The song begins with a very bouncy trance feel, full of melody and thick with texture. The break introduces a filtered chord progression under a beautiful arpeggiation, leading to a solid complextro section filled with melody and movement. The track jumps back to the chords and arps for the break, building and building to the final complextro section, which incorporates the melodic elements to really bring the track home.

Finally, Wonderland, a harder big room electro track oozing with style. The song starts out with a hard, stomping beat, taking us into the first break. Greeted by a melodic group of stabs, the build adds several melodic elements leading into a mind numbing electro section. An undulating electro line is supported by staccato strings and other melodic elements, heading to the track’s final breakdown. The chords return here, building with the strings as the energy increases until the drop, which brings back the electro for a final drop.

CM008 | Sanxia – Sky High EP “Out now on Beatport”

Sanxia – Beast (Original Mix) “Out now on Beatport”

Sanxia – Endgame (Original Mix) “Out now on Beatport”

Sanxia – Fire (Original Mix) “Out now on Beatport”

Sanxia – Wonderland (Original Mix) “Out now on Beatport”


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