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CM008 | Sanxia – Sky High EP “Out on 12-09-14”

The Sky High EP is the first release by Hungarian producer Sanxia to appear on Cognitive Music. The EP is a 4-track trip, showcasing his talents and unique style of electro house. His diversity on full display, this EP features big room, complextro, and electro house sounds brought together.

The EP comes storming out of the gate with Beast, a big room influenced electro house track with haunting melodies and strong builds and drops. The song starts out with a huge build into the track’s main electro melody, complete with expertly programmed arpeggios supporting the beautiful lead. The next build leads to a big room section sure to get the crowd bumping. The track alternates between each section, building a little bigger each time. A huge track not to be missed.

Endgame, the second track, puts Sanxia’s complextro skills on display, starting with a massive build filled with stabby chords woven into several risers, building to an energetic, frenzied complextro line that takes the song into the stratosphere. After another break and build, things take a turn and change up into a dubstep beat, transforming the song’s complextro line with it to close out the track.

Next up is Fire, an amazing track best described as progressive electro. The song begins with a very bouncy trance feel, full of melody and thick with texture. The break introduces a filtered chord progression under a beautiful arpeggiation, leading to a solid complextro section filled with melody and movement. The track jumps back to the chords and arps for the break, building and building to the final complextro section, which incorporates the melodic elements to really bring the track home.

Finally, Wonderland, a harder big room electro track oozing with style. The song starts out with a hard, stomping beat, taking us into the first break. Greeted by a melodic group of stabs, the build adds several melodic elements leading into a mind numbing electro section. An undulating electro line is supported by staccato strings and other melodic elements, heading to the track’s final breakdown. The chords return here, building with the strings as the energy increases until the drop, which brings back the electro for a final drop.




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CM007 | Mariner – Panthalassa “Out now on Beatport”

Panthalassa, the seventh release on Cognitive Music and Mariner’s debut on the label, is a deep, energetic house track built for the dance floor. The original mix is an amazing progressive journey that starts with a driving beat highlighted by a flourish of bouncey chord stabs. With support from a moving bass line, the track builds with great care until it’s first break, which introduces the main lead synth. The song continues to build energy with a late night vibe, introducing the song’s distinct “breathe in, breathe out” spoken vocal. Finally, after bringing the track down a second time, Mariner changes things up and moves the drum pattern into breakbeat territory for the duration, giving the song a very funky, beat driven ending.

This release includes 3 remixes, the first of which comes from Avlish, and it’s a huge progressive/tech house remix. His version starts out with woven textures and beautiful melodic content, building energy to the first break when the signature vocal comes in. The big driving bassline provides a deep foundation to the track, moving it towards the big breakdown, which introduces a haunting take on the synth melody, leading to a deep breakbeat that takes this mix to another level. Uplifting and beautiful, this mix is not one to miss.

DJ D-Xtreme brings his signature style to this track, dropping a monster progressive breaks version sure to appeal to fans of all styles of breakbeat. The mix starts with a very funky beat and gated textures, building the energy with the slow entrance of the vocal samples, while building pads and a beautiful chord progression towards the big break. Deep and funky, his mix is very emotional while having strong dance floor sensibility.

Devine Noise takes the material and delivers an old school electro feeling remix, complete with classic feeling arps and pads. Building upon the content, a piano comes in and adds a bit of deep emotion leading up to the first break. An array of textures greets us at the break, leading to a funky break section with old school synths, building to the big break, filled with deep melodic piano and synth lines. The energy level gets pushed up and up as the build finally gets back to the beat with a very funky break and amazing payoff. Fans of bass and old school breaks are sure to be pleased with this mix.

CM007 | Mariner – Panthalassa

Mariner – Panthalassa (Original Mix)

Mariner – Panthalassa (Avlish Remix)

Mariner – Panthalassa (DJ D-Xtreme Remix)

Mariner – Panthalassa (Devine Noise Remix)


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