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CM003 | DJ D-Xtreme feat. Katharina Santana – Feel My Love “Out now on Beatport”

Cognitive Music is proud to bring you our third release, DJ D-Xtreme feat. Katharina
Santana – Feel My Love. Out now exclusively on Beatport!

Feel My Love, the third release from Cognitive Music, is a deep, intelligent vocal break
from long time producer DJ D-Xtreme, featuring the vocals of Katharina Santana.

The original mix storms out of the gate with a strong breakbeat and amazing woven
arpeggiations and textures, while the sonic palette evokes the feelings portrayed by the
lead vocal. The track is expertly built up with great emotion and tension to the main
breakdown. A seductive and emotional piano line gently leads us to the introduction of the
main verse. Katharina brings a powerful and impassioned performance to this track, her
voice invoking feelings of passion and desire as she pleads for her interest to feel her
love. DJ D-Xtreme’s stunning melody weaves in and out with Katharina’s gritty vocals as
the track builds the energy back up to a ‘hands in the air’ drop sure to move dance
floors. Again, as was the case with our first release, the remix package is diverse and
offers something for all tastes. Spanish breakbeat producer Colombo is back with his
second remix for Cognitive, taking the vocals and delivering a beautiful yet edgy
complextro version of the track. His typical style is on full display here and this remix
is sure to please all fans of breakbeat. Dave Gluskin is up next, bringing his unique
style to the track and delivering his best remix to date. His signature vocal texture work
and deep breakbeat and bassline make the track maintain the emotion of the original ,
while turning it into an epic, vocal driven breakbeat with energy to spare. The main
breakdown introduces additional melodic content highlighting and supporting Katharina’s
vocals, building the energy to it’s highest point as the beat is reintroduced. Finally,
long time Florida based breaks produced Johnny Dangerously turns in his first remix for
Cognitive and it’s a banger. Adding a high level of intensity to the track, his electro
tinged breakbeat gives a strong foundation to the vocals, building the track with great
precision to a huge breakdown with solid synth work supporting the main verses. His
version is sure to fit in most breakbeat sets and will get a crowd moving!

Includes original mix & remixes by Colombo, Dave Gluskin & Johnny Dangerously.

With support from Colombo, Retroid, Aquasky, Se7en Deadly Breaks, Lady Waks, Kid Panel,
Trukers, Rasco, Active Limbic System, Ptinium, Miss Mants, Blazer, Alt-A, Billy Onions,
Chris Voro, Wavewhore, Fastbinder, Proxxy & Lantern, Anton Veter, Jayson Butera, Grade-E,
Gerry LaBarge, Jdub & many more.


CM003 | DJ D-Xtreme feat. Katharina Santana – Feel My Love

DJ D-Xtreme feat. Katharina Santana – Feel My Love (Original Mix)

DJ D-Xtreme feat. Katharina Santana – Feel My Love (Colombo Remix)

DJ D-Xtreme feat. Katharina Santana – Feel My Love (Dave Gluskin Remix)

DJ D-Xtreme feat. Katharina Santana – Feel My Love (Johnny Dangerously Remix)


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